Eyeinspect provides our clients with comprehensive new construction and pre-purchase building inspection services. Our goal is to provide our clients with the knowledge and information they need prior to handing over the final progress payment on a new residential construction or before settling on an existing dwelling (pre-purchase). Our reports contain details of the condition, structural aspects, and quality of the building.


Investing in a thorough inspection of your property could save you financial hardship by discovering defaults prior to purchase. Armed with this information can also give you better bargaining power with the vendor.

Your inspection will be carried out by a fully licensed builder with essential insurance cover.  

What we provide:

  • A detailed client briefing, where you can discuss any issues or concern

  • An on-site thorough inspection carried out by a fully licensed builder and inspector. Includes an in-depth inspection report with photos and descriptions, in accordance with relevant Australian Standards (AS 4349.0-2007), the National Construction Code (NCC) also known as the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and standards and tolerances. The report will be emailed to you and can be used to negotiate rectification of the problem or purchase price.


Defects Report


Defects can be classified as follows:

  • Distortion, warping, twisting: (a change in a shape of an image resulting from imperfections)

  • Water damage, leaks or penetration: (the egress or entry of forms of water and dampness)

  • Deterioration of the property 

  • Faults in operational functions i.e. garage door not lifting

  • Inappropriate fitting and finish of installation

  • Incomplete Works (works that need to be completed prior to the next stage)

  • Safety issues: it is our duty to notify the purchaser of any safety issues regarding the property

  • Imperfections

  • Non-Compliant Works: (works that are to be completed as per relevant Australian Standards and or Codes)

  • Inconsistent Works: (Items not the same throughout and having self-contradictory and conflicting elements)