Brickwork Inspections

Brickwork Inspections 

With our years of experience in the bricklaying industry, eyespect Building Inspections can confidently offer detailed brickwork inspection reports. 


What we look for in brickwork are the following:

  • The walls, windows, and doors are in the correct locations

  • The correct bricks and mortar has been used and matches throughout the construction

  • The correct joint types, lintels, and bonding are in place

  • Bonding over lintels, wall junctions, and other openings is correct

  • Reinforcing has been installed correctly

  • Tie-down straps are correctly installed

  • External features such as sills, quoining, and feature recesses are built correctly

  • Damp-proof flashings are correct and weep holes installed

  • Cavity insulation if needed

  • Quality of bricklaying.